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Rotary Youth Center at Morrison


The Rotary Youth Center at Morrison gives youth, families, and therapists a year-round space to gather and recreate for treatment, training, physical education, recreation, and group meetings. Construction consisted of a 4,130 Sq.-Ft. ground-up gymnasium with a warming kitchen and ADA bathrooms. The building meets Energy Trust of Oregon’s building standards featuring solar panels, two eco-roofs, and stormwater collection used to irrigate the on-site therapy garden. The building features a mural from Calm, a local street artist whose work reflects the community in which he works.

Zidell Fieldhouse at BB Camp


The B'nai B'rith Camp Field House is the newest addition to the camp site along the Oregon Coast.  This 8,000sf building is part of the Second Century campaign and will host thousands of campers for decades into the future.  Upon completion, the building will house a basketball court and game room as well as accommodate group events and gatherings.

St. Luke Lutheran Church

This two-phase expansion plan for St. Luke’s Lutheran Church renovated the existing occupied facility and included adding a three-story stair tower, enlarged Narthex, fire sprinklers, HVAC controls, entry plaza, stormwater facilities, and utility upgrades. The multi-phased project incorporated a detailed on-site safety program.

B'Nai B'rith Youth Camp


Established in 1921, the historic B’nai B’rith Youth Camp is located on Devil’s Lake just outside of Lincoln City. The cabins each feature 2,320 SF over two floors that are fully ADA-accessible and filled with bunks, cubbies, and windows offering generous natural light in the open space floor plan. With enough room for 60 campers per building, these cabins are a valuable addition to this loved Camp and help create a lifetime of memories for summer campers.

Guidepost Montessori

Owner: Higher Ground Education

Architect: CIDA, Inc.

Serving infants to elementary grades, programs at Guidepost are defined by the practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning through the authentic Montessori Method. The original, 4,000 SF, circa 1973 building was solid, but several cost-cutting additions created a few construction challenges throughout the years. Interior elements of a kitchen, bar and massive stone fireplace also needed to be removed for young childhood classrooms and administrative offices. The current roof and framing structure was not seismically safe so JHC added new steel beams to replace some load-bearing walls along with some sheer walls in several areas. After four decades of kitchen grease, steam and humidity some of those steel and wood walls also required complete replacements.

KLA Schools of Hillsboro

Owner: Arie D. Holdings, LLC.

Architect: CIDA, INC.

KLA Schools of Hillsboro is an innovative early childhood center serving children from eight weeks to five years of age and offering a high-quality Reggio Emilia-inspired education. This project consisted of full ground-up construction including full-off and on-site improvements. The new 12,335-Sq.-Ft. building houses 11 classrooms, a commercial kitchen, and a full playground.

The Goddard School

Owner: Goddard Systems, INC.

Architect: CIDA, Inc.

The Goddard School Project consisted of a complete change of use renovation of a 7,000 sq. foot existing private school into an early childcare facility, including a complete interior renovation, complete structural upgrades, installation of a full commercial kitchen as well as a complete site improvement inclusive of new site utility and exterior recreation facility.

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