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Under Construction

Sherwin Williams Lincoln City

Owner: Sherwin Williams

Architect: Livermore Architecture & Engineering

AFC Sandy Boulevard

Sherwin Williams Lincoln City involves the partial demolition of an existing Lincoln City Outlet Mall building to be replaced with a new 4,000 SF ground up for Sherwin Williams.  Work is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

JHC is providing a seismic upgrade and expansion of an URM building to be the new home of AFC on Sandy Blvd. The 1,000 SF addition enlarges the clinic space to 5,200 SF. The scope also added: new onsite storm water management, ADA sidewalks and ramps, power, efficient Heat Pump HVAC, storefront glass, insulated roof and walls, and an upgrade to the traffic signal at busy intersection of NE 67th Ave and Sandy Blvd.

Starbucks (various)

Owner: Starbucks Coffee

Architect Project A: Soos & Associates

Architect Project B: BCRA Design

Bridgetown Church Remodel

Owner: Bridgetown Church

Architect: Grayscale Works

Salem Area Project A:  Renovation of existing Starbucks store transforming the café into a 300 SF lobby as a Pop-In / Pick-Up store with higher levels of finishes to bring warmth to the space. Finishes include 3-step 9-Wood Ceiling Assembly and Custom Wood Paneled Wrapped Soffits and Walls.

Salem Area Project B:  Major renovation of existing 1,742 SF Starbucks store including all new finishes from flooring to casework package, updated floor layout, new hand-off-plane and an added Partner Area to be used as an employee breakroom.

JHC's remodel of Bridgetown Church includes 6,500 SF interior remodel of basement floor level, to include non structural partition walls, ADA restroom, accessible lift, and structural removal of concrete wall and replaced with steel columns and pad foundations.

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