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Transform the spaces we work and live in

We are proud to help our clients achieve their dreams and contribute to the amazing impact they have on our community. The Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) is a specialized consulting agency focused on advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts within organizations, education systems, and communities. CEI is turning a former jazz club and historic building into their new headquarters. CIDA Architecture | Engineering | Planning | Interiors design will transform most of the ground floor into a large, flexible space for training, and the second floor into offices.

Construction on historic buildings can often be challenging as once work starts, adjustments have to be made to accommodate concealed conditions, and previous construction no longer accepted under current building codes. This unreinforced masonry (URM) building is over 100 years old and had a failing second floor and south wall. As a result, the building needed to slowly be reinforced to evaluate how the URM structure would respond and remove potential structural issues.

Read the full article at DJC Oregon.


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